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Between tutus and ripped jeans

Between tutus and ripped jeans
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What is there for tweens? 

‘Tween’ is shorthand for the years between carefree childhood and teenage angst. It’s a cute name, but it can be a tricky time for tween girls and their parents.

It seems too early, but many tweens are dealing with changes to their bodies, along with peer pressure to dress a certain way. 

As a parent, you might be struggling to give your daughter the freedom to express herself in age-appropriate girls’ clothing – it can be hard to make the change from little girl to fashion-conscious teenager.  

That’s where Talula comes in. We design clothing exclusively for tween girls. In fact, we’re one of the only companies in the world that does.

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The right amount of cool to be confident.

We know that clothes aren’t everything, but we do think that the right outfit can give tween girls a much-needed confidence boost.

Our styles strike a balance between comfy and stylish – with a bit of quirky-cool attitude as well.

Think stripes and animal prints, jumpsuits and stretchy dresses, t-shirts, slouchy harem pants and active wear in vibrant colours.

It’s about bridging the gap between the tutus and princess dresses of little girls and the more grown-up fashion of teenagers.

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Designed to fit, made to last. 

Talula designs look cool, but they’re also ‘specially designed for growing girls.

We know that tweens can find it hard to find clothes that fit and flatter their new shape, without making them feel self-conscious about their changing bodies.

Every girl grows at a different rate, so what fits one ten-year-old would hang off another. That’s why our designs feature stretchy fabrics and loose, easy-fit cuts, adjustable buttons and straps.

We make girls clothes that look and feel great on a range of body shapes and fit for more than one season – it helps that Talula tween clothing is high-quality and New Zealand made, so it lasts longer than fast fashion.

We traditionally make girls’ clothing in sizes 8-14, but if your tween girl struggles to fit off-the-rack clothing, we can work with you to make a custom size item.

There’s nothing more confidence-boosting than something made especially for you!

Looking for gorgeous clothes for your gorgeous tween? Check out our range of NZ-made tween clothing now.

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Please contact us if you’d like something custom made.

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