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PROUDLY New Zealand made!

PROUDLY New Zealand made!
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New Zealand fashion offers you premium quality and exclusive designs. It’s not cheap, but when you buy it, you’re making a stand (albeit small) against fast fashion. It’s why we are a proudly New Zealand made brand.

Of course, most of us are guilty of supporting fast fashion. It’s cheap, convenient and enables us to buy and wear new stuff.

But, do we know the real price of buying cheap clothing?

  1. There’s a massive cost to the environment.
    The pressure to reduce cost and the time allowed to get a product from design to market means that corners are cut – think water pollution, toxic chemicals and increasing levels of waste. 
  1. Fast turnover creates quality issues.
    Again, it’s that pressure to get a product into a shop in double-quick time. We don’t question clothes that fall apart after one season, because it’s cheap we just buy more.  And it’s often cheaper and more convenient to buy new than have something repaired.
  1. Worst of all, in buying cheap clothing we’re supporting slave labour.
    Did you know that a pair of jeans can be made in India for USD92c? And that covers wages and safety measures for the workers. Furthermore, the fast fashion workforce (mostly female) has very little rights, let alone maternity leave or paid sick leave. ¹

Talula is exclusively designed and made in New Zealand so that we can make a difference in our own small way.

We’re wholly supportive of the talented designers, cutters and machinists that we have right here, tapping into a pool of real expertise to craft premium quality. And we’re proud to pay for their time.

We’re careful in sourcing our materials too. We never buy from India, Bangladesh or Pakistan.

Rather than having fabric made for us, we purchase our fabrics from merchants in Auckland, who source stock from leading designers like Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, DKNY and other like-minded ethical brands.

So, we’re reusing fabric that would otherwise end up in landfill. And we buy organic where we can.

Talula clothing is designed and made to last.

Our signature lace-up backs, stretch bodices and floaty materials not only look gorgeous, they’re clever design features that add longevity to the clothing, celebrating changing shapes.

The girls will get good wear out of their Talula items. And hopefully pass them onto someone else, who’ll make good use of them too.

In supporting Talula, you’re choosing to be a conscious consumer. Thank you.


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