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What is ‘age-appropriate’ clothing for tweens?

What is ‘age-appropriate’ clothing for tweens?
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The tween, pre-teen, tweenager, tweenie, teeny bopper is the age-group many clothing brands tend to overlook. It’s the age in-between being cute and becoming a grown up. 

It’s the 9 to 12 year-old age group that loves to have fun while grappling with being more responsible and emulating adult behaviour. 

And growing up in a technology-saturated world where there’s endless obsession with picture-perfect selfies, the perfect figure and fast fashion, dressing confidently and appropriately is not so easy.

What clothing there is for tweens is often too ‘grown up’ or too ‘little girl’. Of course, most girls would go for ‘grown up’ and there-in lies the problem - often those clothes are not age appropriate.

Dressing becomes awkward and a big challenge for both our tweens and their parents.

And that’s why Talula is big on making clothing that works for tween girls.  


So, what is age-appropriate clothing for tweens?

For us, it’s funky clothing that girls feel comfortable playing in. 

It’s clothing that celebrates being young and carefree. 

It’s classic and a little big edgy, cleverly designed to flatter a girlie figure. 

Clever means it’s adjustable or easy-fitting but ever stylish. And looks good. 

The girls should feel confident wearing it. And they should love wearing it!

It’s not mini-me adult clothing. Sexy or provocative is not okay. 

Your tween is not a little girl but she’s not a young lady yet either. And why would we want her to grow up anyway?


How do we want our tween girls to dress?



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