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What makes Talula special?

What makes Talula special?
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Talula Tween Wear is designed to scream “Wear me and have fun!” says our Founder, Ingrid Gordon.

Talula is specially designed clothing for Tween girls. Stylishly practical, the garments are all easy-fit or adjustable.

The fun is in the features - pockets, buttons, built-in tanks - many of which evolved as a sample was created, adding extra spontaneity and creativity to the character of the brand. 

“Because we’re all about Tween girls, our items speak of sassy confidence, fun and ease of movement” explains Designer Jayne Gower.

“Ingrid wants clothing designs that will flatter most shapes and sizes, but also accommodate changing shapes and last more than one season.

"This clothing has lots of clever features that make them expandable and easy-fit.

"Plus, most items in our collection can be layered for year-round wear too."

In selecting the fabrics, Ingrid and Jayne take a spontaneous approach - picking those that have instant appeal. 




Every item in the boutique collection is limited edition. Only five of each style are cut in any size.


Each item is made completely by one person. You’ll find the name of the machinist hand-written on the care label in the side seam of each garment.

Extra care has been taken in wash-testing all the fabrics, so we know exactly how they will react to washing and what care instructions to include.

Ingrid has been very clear from the outset that Talula was to be manufactured in New Zealand, reviving an industry of talented people forgotten by mass production. 

Talula garments are made by a small handpicked team of cutters and sewers based in Auckland, who have all been in the fashion trade for many years and have massive experience in boutique style processing.

The collection screams of personal attention to every detail, resulting in premium quality.

For Ingrid, it’s most important that girls fall in love with Talula and gain confidence in wearing the clothes.

“There’s a lot of thought in every design and a lot of care in every detail” she concludes. “Talula is a collection of special clothing, fit for a very special age group.”

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