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WE’RE HERE FOR YOUR TWEEN... We want her to love what she's wearing, step out confidently and let her gorgeous personality shine! 

To be different. Be free. Stay curious.



Talula Tween Wear is everyday funky, stylish, trendy and feel good clothing for girls that’s a little bit different.

It’s the brainchild of Ingrid Gordon, seasoned mother of a teen and a tween who struggled to find age-appropriate clothing which her girls would love and feel confident wearing.

An idea 10 years in the making, the Talula brand was founded in 2018 to fill a gap for 8 - 14 year old girls – providing them with clothing that is not only gorgeous, but premium quality and specially designed as adjustable and flattering to changing shapes.

Our sizes range from 8 - 14. 

Ingrid’s love of style, colour and fun are evident in every Talula design, her ultimate desire being for Talula to give every girl the confidence to be herself.

Our collections are designed in house by New Zealand designer Jayne Gower and we’re exceptionally proud that Talula is made in New Zealand too. Our machinists sign their names into the care label of each garment they sew.

We promise you premium quality and plenty of wear! And because each of our ranges is limited, you’re guaranteed some exclusivity too.

We hope you 💕 everything about Talula.


Proud to be locally made and part of the New Zealand Made™ community.



Ingrid is the mother of three children, chief runabout, passionate sideline supporter on Saturdays and founder of Talula Tween Wear. She’s also a keen follower of New Zealand fashion.

With a strong vision and clear goals, Ingrid pushed forward her 10-year dream to launch Talula Tween Wear in September 2018. She leads the charge for 8-14-year-old girls’ (Tween/young teen) fashion in New Zealand. 

Tweens are a demographic which Ingrid believes are over looked. And possibly the most important age for girls to develop self-confidence.

"These girls are of an age when they understand their bodies are changing and they know what they like" says Ingrid.

"I want them to know Talula is a brand that understands their wants and needs. They are such a fun age; we should always encourage them to have fun, be happy, and be confident in themselves."

EMAIL: ingrid@talula.co.nz
PHONE: +64 (0)21 999 202


Fashion design. Graphic design. Gardening. These are what Talula Designer Jayne Gower does best.

Jayne has loved clothes forever, she’s sewn her own outfits since she was 12 years old. And, after a brief foray into Music, she graduated in Fashion from Wellington Polytech Fashion School (Massey University) in 1978, turning her major passion into a lifelong career.

From 1980 to 1992, Jayne was Senior Designer and Pattern Maker for iconic NZ brand Thornton Hall.

It was the most formative time of her career – until now. 

Now Jayne works exclusively with Ingrid on the one and only Tween apparel brand that is made locally.

Jayne is passionate about leading the way with exclusive designs and limited edition clothing in a market that is otherwise flooded by “cookie cutter fast fashion”. She’s focused on age-appropriate designs with some edge, appealing to both Tween girls and their parents. 

Gardening is Jayne’s other passion. She owns and manages gardening business Feature NZ.

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